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Eveswell Studios: The Perfect Choice for Professionals in Newport

Updated: Jun 19

Eveswell Studios in Newport emerges as a top-choice accommodation for professionals, NHS workers, and those seeking comfort and functionality during their stay. This blog post delves into the unique offerings of Eveswell Studios, showcasing why it's the preferred choice for professionals in Newport.

Designed for Professional Needs

Tailored Amenities for Working Professionals:

- Each studio features high-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated desk spaces, ideal for professionals who need to stay connected and productive.

Comfort and Convenience Combined:

- The studios are equipped with individual kitchens, washing machines, and en-suite bathrooms, ensuring a comfortable and self-sufficient stay.

Strategic Location

Close to Key Areas in Newport:

- Located on Chepstow Road, Eveswell Studios offers easy access to local amenities, Friars Walk, and essential transport links, making commuting and exploring the city effortlessly.

A Smart Hotel Concept

Modern Living Spaces at Eveswell:

- The smart hotel concept merges the best of both worlds – the independence of an apartment with the convenience and style of a hotel.

Attention to Detail:

- Attention to detail in each studio's design ensures guests enjoy both style and practicality during their stay.

Serving Hundreds of Professionals

A History of Excellence:

- Eveswell Studios has a proven track record of catering to the needs of hundreds of professionals, highlighting its suitability for extended stays and professional commitments in Newport.

Eveswell Studios represents the ideal blend of functionality, comfort, and convenience for professionals in Newport. With its thoughtful amenities and strategic location, it stands as a beacon of excellence in professional accommodation.

Whether you're a professional, NHS worker, or on a placement, Eveswell Studios is your go-to choice for a comfortable stay in Newport. Discover more about what Eveswell Studios can offer.



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