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A Year in Review – The Eveswell Studios Success Story - A Model of Property Management Excellence

Updated: May 24


As the year 2023 nears its end, we at Airfreedom are thrilled to spotlight a standout achievement in our portfolio – Eveswell Studios. This project, initially a simple surgery building, has been masterfully transformed under two IT consultants stewardship into a beacon of comfort and activity. This is the story of Eveswell Studios, a showcase of strategic foresight, dedicated effort, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Birth of Eveswell Studios

In 2019, the story of Eveswell Studios began to unfold when Paul and Matthew, two forward-thinking IT consultants, encountered a unique opportunity in an auctioned surgery building. Amidst a sea of possibilities, they stood at a crossroads: the conventional route of a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) strategy, or the uncharted waters of alternative solutions. It was a decision that required not just insight, but vision.

As they deliberated their next steps, we at AirFreedom were fortunate to enter the scene. What commenced as a scheduled 30-minute meeting quickly blossomed into an extensive three-hour dialogue that was anything but conventional. It was a meeting of minds, where conservative strategies were weighed against more innovative, expansive approaches.

In this collaborative brainstorming session, we explored the potential of the building, envisioning a transformation that could redefine its identity. The conversation was marked by a blend of practicality and ambition, where every idea was entertained, and every possibility considered. The enthusiasm was palpable, and the energy in the room was a precursor to the exceptional journey that lay ahead.

Ultimately, the decision to venture into serviced accommodation emerged as a beacon of opportunity. Paul and Matthew, embracing a blend of caution and creativity, decided to entrust the project to us. This marked the beginning of a synergistic partnership with AirFreedom, one that was destined to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The birth of Eveswell Studios was more than just a business decision; it was a leap of faith into a future brimming with possibilities. This collaboration with AirFreedom was not just about building flats; it was about creating experiences, shaping memories, and setting a new standard in the realm of serviced accommodation.

The unique logo of Eveswell Studios, crafted by Airfreedom’s team. This represents our commitment to unique branding for every hospitality unit we manage.

The Transformation

The year 2020 heralded a new chapter with the grand opening of Eveswell Studios, nestled in the heart of the community at 254 Chepstow Road. It was a momentous occasion, marked not just by the unveiling of a property, but by the realization of a dream passionately nurtured by Matthew and Paul.

I vividly recall my first meeting with Matthew. His enthusiasm was contagious as he guided me through the meticulously designed spaces of Eveswell Studios in Maindee Newport. There was a sparkle in his eye, a sense of pride that resonated with every detail he showcased. The walls, he pointed out with a broad smile, were not just barriers but carefully insulated canvases, ensuring the utmost comfort for every guest. He spoke not just as a property developer but as an artist proud of his craft.

Matthew’s dedication to creating an ideal environment for guests was evident in every corner of Eveswell Studios. I remember him chuckling about an oversight with the shower trays – how he had initially purchased ten, only to realize they were too small and prior to opening refitting ten new showers at full cost, a testament to his attention to detail. This level of care extended to every aspect of the studios – from the ambient temperature and air quality to the high-speed internet with boosters, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

The kitchen spaces were designed keeping in mind the needs of professionals who might call Eveswell Studios their temporary home. Every appliance, every furnishing choice, spoke of a desire to provide not just accommodation, but a home away from home. Matthew and Paul envisioned the studios as more than a place to stay; they were to be havens where guests could unwind, work, and feel at home, no matter how far they were from their own.

This venture, our first foray into managing an entire building, was a journey marked by learning, innovation, and collaboration. The success of Eveswell Studios was not just in its aesthetic appeal or modern amenities but in the realization of a vision – a vision that saw a property transformed into a series of inviting, professionally tailored spaces, each echoing the thoughtfulness and passion of its creators.

As we stepped into the world of Eveswell Studios, it was clear that this was more than a building – it was a manifestation of dreams, efforts, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The result was indeed spectacular, a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and the personal touch that Matthew and Paul brought to every aspect of this transformative journey.

Showcasing the interiors of Eveswell Studios post-refurbishment. These listing pictures display the inviting and modern design, ready to welcome our guests.

Operational Excellence and Guest Satisfaction Maximizing Direct Bookings: A Strategic Triumph

The year 2023 has been a defining period for Eveswell Studios, marked by operational excellence and outstanding guest satisfaction. A key component of this success was our strategic focus on maximizing direct bookings. This approach not only led to a phenomenal booking rate of 74% with 285 reservations but also culminated in an impressive revenue generation of £196,190.44. The significance of this achievement lies in the fact that a substantial 70.2% of these bookings were either direct or through AirFreedom's website.

A detailed report from January 1st, 2023, to December 31st, 2023, highlighting the financial success of Eveswell Studios. It shows £196,190.44 in revenue, 285 reservations, 10 active listings, and an average review score of 4.72, alongside a graphical representation of monthly revenue and revenue by channel.
Graphical representation of revenue by channel for Eveswell Studios. It illustrates the breakdown with direct reservations at 65.1%, website sales at 5.1%, and contributions from other booking channels.

Reducing Dependency on Online Travel Agents

In the hospitality industry, reliance on online travel agents (OTAs) like Airbnb and is commonplace. However, these platforms often come with substantial commission fees, which can impact both the profitability for property managers and pricing for guests. At Eveswell Studios, we made a conscious decision to shift away from this norm. By focusing on direct bookings and Google, we effectively bypassed the hefty commissions typically associated with OTAs.

A dedicated page on for Eveswell Studios, providing comprehensive information and showcasing the unique features of the property.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Guests

This strategic shift not only benefited our operational bottom line but also provided tangible benefits to our guests. Without the additional costs of OTA commissions, we were able to offer more competitive rates. This approach not only made bookings more cost-effective for our guests but also enhanced the value proposition of staying at Eveswell Studios. It's a classic win-win scenario – guests enjoy lower rates, and we maintain higher revenue retention.

Images of our state-of-the-art booking engine, demonstrating the seamless and user-friendly experience offered to guests when making reservations at Eveswell Studios.
Images of our state-of-the-art booking engine, demonstrating the seamless and user-friendly experience offered to guests when making reservations at Eveswell Studios.

Building Guest Loyalty

Our emphasis on direct bookings has had a positive impact on guest loyalty. By engaging with guests directly, we fostered a more personal connection, leading to repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals. This direct engagement allowed us to tailor experiences to individual preferences, further enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

A collection of outstanding guest reviews, highlighting their exceptional experiences at Eveswell Studios and the high level of guest satisfaction.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Momentum

As we reflect on the triumphs of 2023 at Eveswell Studios, we are inspired to continue this momentum. Our goal is to maintain high booking rates, exceptional guest experiences, and operational excellence. We believe that our focus on direct bookings, coupled with our commitment to guest satisfaction, will continue to be a significant driver of our success.

An image of the globe lit up at night, symbolizing Eveswell Studios’ commitment to global engagement and diversity, welcoming guests from all corners of the world.

Global Engagement and Diversity

Embracing a World of Cultures and Professions

2023 at Eveswell Studios has been marked not just by operational success, but by a rich tapestry of global engagement and diversity. Our facility has become a melting pot of cultures and professions, offering a unique, homely experience to a wide array of guests. From NHS staff seeking a restful retreat to film crews looking for a creative haven, Eveswell Studios has catered to a diverse clientele, each with their unique requirements and stories.

A Hub for Creative and Professional Talents

The studios have been particularly popular among professionals in the creative industries. Housing film crews, actors, and makeup artists, Eveswell Studios has played a crucial role in supporting the filming industry and the entertainment sector in Wales. This clientele brought unique demands – from flexible self check-in/check-out times to specific space requirements for equipment. Our ability to meet these varied needs not only enhanced our reputation but also enriched our understanding of guest service dynamics.

Multilingual Communication: Bridging the Language Gap

One of the cornerstones of our success in 2023 has been our commitment to inclusive communication. Handling thousand of messages in seven languages, we've successfully bridged language barriers, ensuring every guest felt understood and valued. This multilingual approach was more than just a service feature; it was a statement of our respect for cultural diversity and our dedication to providing a welcoming experience for everyone, regardless of their background.

“A snapshot of our innovative guest platform, designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive experience for our guests during their stay.

Tailoring Experiences for Every Guest

Our focus on diversity extended beyond language. We tailored our services to suit the cultural preferences and needs of our guests. Whether it was accommodating specific requirements or providing information about local cultural sites, our team went the extra mile to ensure that every guest’s stay was not just comfortable but also culturally enriching.

Technological Integration in Enhancing Guest Experience

Our guests have engaged with us for over 755.65 hours, a significant portion of which was facilitated through our innovative app, used for more than 580 hours. This high engagement rate with the app is a testament to our technological edge and dedication to offering a streamlined and convenient guest experience.

Detailed metrics showing the hours of engagement, auto engagements, total engagements, and the average duration guests spend on our guest platform, emphasizing our interactive and attentive guest service.

Embracing Technology and Innovation

At Eveswell Studios, we didn't just create a space; we crafted an experience. Our investment in technology played a pivotal role. With thousands auto engagements, our automated systems ensured efficiency and consistency in guest interactions. This approach not only streamlined operations but also provided a seamless, hassle-free experience for our guests.

A screenshot of the guest area on our mobile app, highlighting the accessibility and convenience offered to guests at Eveswell Studios.

Multifaceted Clientele and Tailored Experiences

The diverse clientele at Eveswell Studios has been a cornerstone of our success. From NHS workers seeking tranquility to film crews and actors looking for a space that fuels creativity, our ability to cater to varied needs has set us apart. This adaptability has been crucial in not just meeting but exceeding guest expectations, contributing to our high review scores and repeat visits.

Impactful Marketing Strategies

Our marketing strategies have been a driving force behind Eveswell Studios' high occupancy rates and impressive revenue. A strategic blend of direct bookings (65.1%) and website sales (5.1%) highlights our prowess in digital marketing and brand building. Our approach has been to create a compelling online presence that resonates with potential guests, drawing them to experience the uniqueness of Eveswell Studios.

Community and Environmental Responsibility

Beyond business, we at Eveswell Studios are committed to community engagement and environmental sustainability. We've taken steps to ensure our operations are eco-friendly and community-oriented, creating a positive impact that goes beyond just hospitality.

The Personal Touch of Pedro, Alina, and at Eveswell Studios

A captivating image of Newport City Centre at night, showing the vibrant riverfront and the serene river, representing the dynamic location of Eveswell Studios.

Local Presence, Global Standards

At Eveswell Studios, the remarkable involvement of Pedro and Alina, the driving forces behind, has been a key element of our unique service proposition. As local residents living just five minutes away from the property, they embody our commitment to combining global hospitality standards with a deeply personal, local touch.

Ready Response, Round-the-Clock Comfort

One of the standout aspects of Pedro and Alina's involvement is their ability to address queries or emergencies promptly. This proximity to Eveswell Studios not only enables swift on-site responses but also provides our guests with an unparalleled level of comfort and security. In an era where impersonal interactions are common, this hands-on approach sets Eveswell Studios apart, offering a hotel-like availability with the warmth of a home.

Screenshot displaying Eveswell Studios Airbnb Profile showing 181 Reviews 4.81 Average Guest Rate and 3 years hosting

Personalized Guest Experiences

Pedro and Alina's presence goes beyond mere operational efficiency. They bring a personal touch to each guest interaction, crafting experiences that are as unique as our guests themselves. Whether it’s a warm welcome, personalized recommendations for local attractions, or attending to special requests, their involvement ensures that each stay is memorable and tailored to individual preferences.

Building Trust and Assurance

Their close proximity and active involvement also build a sense of trust and assurance among our guests. Knowing that the founders of are just around the corner, ready to assist at a moment’s notice, adds a layer of reliability and comfort to the guest experience. This accessibility is particularly appreciated by international guests, who find a sense of familiarity and ease in a new city.

The logo of Airfreedom, symbolizing our dedication to providing exceptional hospitality experiences and the overarching brand behind the success of Eveswell Studios.

The Advantage, under the management of Pedro and Alina Reis, exemplifies the perfect blend of professional property management and personal hospitality. Their approach is a testament to the belief that the best guest experiences are created through a mix of professional excellence and personal care. At Eveswell Studios, we’re not just offering a place to stay; we’re providing a haven where guests feel valued, understood, and cared for.

The involvement of Pedro and Alina at Eveswell Studios is a shining example of how’s philosophy translates into real-world experiences. It's about being there for our guests, not just as hosts but as neighbors, offering a level of attention and care that turns a simple stay into an extraordinary experience. As we move forward, we continue to uphold these values, ensuring that every guest at Eveswell Studios feels not just accommodated, but truly welcomed.

Lessons Learned and Future Goals

The journey with Eveswell Studios has been enlightening. We've learned the importance of agility in the hospitality industry, the power of personalization, and the impact of a guest-centric approach. Looking ahead, we aim to incorporate these learnings into our future projects, continually enhancing our services and guest experiences.

Final Thoughts

Eveswell Studios stands as a beacon of what can be achieved with the right blend of passion, innovation, and commitment. As we close this chapter of 2023 and look towards the future, we are excited to apply these valuable insights to our upcoming projects, further cementing our position as leaders in the hospitality sector.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead

Eveswell Studios is more than just a success narrative; it’s a model for future property management endeavors. Inspired by this success, we are poised to replicate this standard of excellence across our portfolio. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine hospitality, one property at a time.



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