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AirFreedom: Crafting Accommodation Masterpieces for the Filming Industry

Updated: Mar 8

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Hospitality Redefined for the Filming Industry

AirFreedom excels in providing specialized accommodation solutions for film and TV productions in Cardiff, Bristol, and Newport. We understand the unique requirements of this dynamic industry and offer tailored lodging experiences for its diverse professionals.

Customized Accommodations for Every Production Need

Our properties cater to a broad spectrum of needs within the film industry. From luxurious spaces for principal cast members to practical, comfortable settings for technical crews, we ensure every stay is perfectly suited to its purpose.

Prime Locations for Seamless Production Experience

Strategically situated accommodations in Cardiff, Bristol, and Newport afford easy access to key filming locations. This convenience is invaluable for tight production schedules and offers the logistical ease essential to the success of any project.

Proud Collaborations with Industry Giants

Airfreedom has proudly collaborated with major names in the industry. We've provided bespoke accommodation services for Netflix productions, hosted BBC interviews requiring a home-like setting, and worked alongside Disney Plus, catering to various project needs.

AirFreedom – Synonymous with Filmmaking Hospitality

Choose AirFreedom for your next production in Cardiff, Bristol, or Newport. Our commitment to quality, flexibility, and guest comfort makes us the ideal choice for film and TV professionals.


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