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A Cherished Letter: A Glimpse into the Heart of Cardiff at 82 Cathedral Road

Updated: May 24

In our quest to provide not just accommodation but experiences at AirFreedom, particularly with The Pontcanna Collection, we recently had the privilege of hosting a writer at 82 Cathedral Road. This guest, with their keen eye for detail and profound appreciation for the essence of Cardiff, left behind something incredibly special—a handwritten letter that captures the spirit of their stay in a way that we could have only hoped for.

This letter, discovered by our diligent cleaning team, has been such a source of joy and pride for us at AirFreedom that we’ve decided to make it a permanent part of the experience for future guests staying at the property. We believe it adds a unique touch of personality and narrative, enriching the stay of our guests with its heartfelt words and insights. Here is the text in its entirety for everyone to enjoy:

‘‘Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a city teeming with history and brimming with character, and my accommodation at 82 Cathedral Road was no exception. Set in the heart of Pontcanna, it was a stone’s throw from the city’s major attractions, and yet, it was steeped in a quiet charm that felt like a warm embrace.

The property itself was a beautifully preserved edifice, reflecting Cardiff’s rich past. As I walked into the front door of the imposing Victorian building, I could almost hear the whispers of countless stories the walls had to tell. Each room was delicately adorned, presenting a tasteful blend of antiquity and modernity.

Every morning, I would start my day with a stroll down Cathedral Road, taking in the elegant architecture and serene greens of Sophia Gardens. On the first day, I paid a visit to the imposing Cardiff Castle. The echoes of a thousand years resonated within its walls, from Roman garrisons to Norman strongholds and Victorian Gothic revival. I could almost envision the medieval lords and ladies strolling through the lavish interiors.

The city’s bustling heart, Cardiff Bay, with its variety of eateries and shopping spots, was a delight. Yet, it was the local farmers market in Pontcanna that truly captured my heart, full of smiling faces, local produce, and delicious pastries.

Cardiff offered a little something for everyone - a brush with nature in Bute Park, a feast for the senses at the Wales Millennium Centre, and a dive into the mystic at the National Museum Cardiff. The rhythm of Cardiff was pulsating through my veins, and every moment became a cherished memory.

Every evening, as I made my way back to 82 Cathedral Road, I felt a sense of belonging, a sense of being a part of this thriving city’s tapestry. The property was not just my accommodation; it was my home in Cardiff.

As I pen these words, I can’t help but yearn for the quiet comfort of 82 Cathedral Road and the lively streets of Cardiff. The city is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered, and 82 Cathedral Road is the perfect base for any explorer, brimming with the same history and character that defines Cardiff.''

If you’re planning a trip to Cardiff, allow yourself to be swept up in its charm. And perhaps, like him, you’ll find a piece of home at 82 Cathedral Road. We are incredibly touched by this letter and believe it perfectly encapsulates the experience we wish to offer at 82 Cathedral Road. It’s a reminder of the impact a thoughtful stay can have on our guests and the lasting memories that can be created within the walls of a property that is so much more than just a place to sleep.

Pedro and Alina, along with the entire team at AirFreedom and The Pontcanna Collection, are dedicated to continuing this tradition of creating memorable stays for all our guests. We hope this letter inspires future visitors to Cardiff to discover their own unique stories and experiences, just as this cherished guest did.

Join us at 82 Cathedral Road and let the adventure begin. Your Cardiff story awaits.



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