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Selective Excellence: AirFreedom's Strategic Approach to Property Management

Updated: Mar 8

In the realm of property management, AirFreedom distinguishes itself through a strategic, selective approach in partnering with properties. This blog post explores how this selectiveness has fostered a sustainable business model, benefiting both property owners and AirFreedom, a local company thriving in Newport, South Wales.

The Essence of Selective Property Management

AirFreedom’s strategy is not about quantity but quality. By carefully choosing properties that align with their expertise and values, they have ensured a sustainable growth trajectory, both for their business and the property owners they partner with.

A stylized logo, representing the company's commitment to for providing guests with best experiences.

The Impact of a Targeted Portfolio

- Quality Over Quantity: Focusing on properties that resonate with their brand ethos, Airfreedom ensures each property receives personalized, high-quality management.

- Sustainable Growth: This approach guarantees long-term success for both AirFreedom and the property owners.

- Consistent Standards: By being selective, AirFreedom maintains a consistent standard of excellence across all managed properties.

Proven Track Record with 11 Hospitality Brands

AirFreedom's experience spans across 11 different hospitality brands, each operating successfully and independently. This diversity in their portfolio highlights their capability to manage a wide range of property types, adapting to unique market demands while maintaining high standards.

Local Expertise, Personalized AirFreedom Service

Based in Newport, South Wales, AirFreedom’s management team ensures they are never more than an hour away from their properties. This proximity allows them to be readily available for guests, adding a personal touch to their service.

The Crown of Our Properties: Success in the City Centre

Our managed property "Marsh House" near the Hippodrome in Bristol city centre stands as the crown jewel in our portfolio. As the most revenue-generating property managed by AirFreedom, it showcases the culmination of eight years of experience in the industry, starting from 2017.

Commitment to Guest Satisfaction and Revenue Growth

AirFreedom’s success is not just measured in occupancy rates but also in the satisfaction of guests and revenue growth for property owners. Their hands-on approach ensures each property is not just a place to stay but an experience to remember.

AirFreedom's selective approach to property management has crafted a sustainable business model that maximizes the potential of each property. Their commitment to quality, combined with local expertise and a personal touch, makes them an ideal partner for property owners looking to excel in the short-term rental market.


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