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Elevate Your Stay: Exclusive Cardiff Wellness Services Now at AirFreedom

Updated: Jun 19

We're thrilled to share some wonderful news with our AirFreedom guests! In our ongoing effort to enhance your stay, we've partnered with Kotus Wellness, a venture founded by a dear friend, to bring bespoke wellness services directly to you. This partnership is especially close to our hearts, not just because of our personal connection but also because it represents our commitment to offering unique, enriching experiences. Now, all our guests can enjoy the luxury of personalized wellness sessions without ever having to leave the comfort of their accommodation.

Kotus Wellness service provided at an AirFreedom property, offering a serene and luxurious wellness experience.

1. The Genesis of Cardiff Wellness Services

The journey to this wellness service began with a dream. Kotus Wellness, founded by a cherished friend, emerged from a collective vision to integrate holistic well-being into the lives of travelers. Specializing in a variety of wellness services, Kotus Wellness has dedicated itself to providing enriching experiences that cater to both the body and mind. This partnership allows us to offer our guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in personalized wellness practices, ensuring that every stay with AirFreedom is not just a visit, but can be a rejuvenating retreat.

2. What’s on Offer

Guests at AirFreedom, hosted by Pedro and Alina, can now indulge in the bespoke wellness services offered by Kotus Wellness, right in the heart of Cardiff. From the tranquility of a relaxing massage to the revitalizing sessions of private Tai Chi, Kotus Wellness brings a luxurious retreat experience directly to your accommodation. Unlike a traditional hotel spa, these personalized sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your stay, offering a unique blend of body, mind, and spa treatments to ensure your well-being journey is as memorable as it is transformative. Embrace the luxury of having Cardiff City Centre's finest wellness experiences at your doorstep.

3. How It Works

Booking your wellness service is a breeze. Simply visit our guest area, where you'll find all the contact details you need: a WhatsApp number, phone number, and email address. Use these to reach out, express your interest, and schedule your preferred wellness service at your convenience.

This wellness service booking is coordinated directly with Kotus Wellness. After accessing the contact details in our guest area, you'll liaise with Kotus Wellness to arrange the service, ensuring a seamless connection between you and your personalized wellness experience. Please note that this unique wellness opportunity by Kotus Wellness is selectively available at certain AirFreedom properties. Guests staying in any of our Pontcanna collection homes, select HG collection apartments, and centrally located Dray Court can enjoy these bespoke services, enhancing their stay with luxury wellness experiences.

4. The Benefits for Guests

The unique advantage of accessing wellness services through Kotus Wellness for AirFreedom guests lies in the luxury and convenience of receiving personalized, holistic wellness treatments without leaving their accommodation. This service transforms their stay into a bespoke wellness retreat, tailored to their needs and schedules, offering a seamless blend of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the bustling city life of Cardiff.

5. Supporting Local Businesses

By choosing Kotus Wellness services, our guests not only indulge in premium wellness experiences but also support the vibrant local economy of Cardiff. This collaboration with Kotus Wellness underlines our commitment to fostering local businesses, ensuring that your choice contributes positively to the community’s growth and sustainability.


At AirFreedom, hosted by Pedro and Alina, we're dedicated to elevating your stay with unique experiences. We invite you to book your next luxury stay in Cardiff and take advantage of exclusive wellness offerings, bringing you the best in wellness services and local wellness experiences. This commitment ensures every AirFreedom guest enjoys unparalleled benefits, seamlessly integrating the best of Cardiff's local ventures into your visit.



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