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Coffee shops in Cardiff to work from

Finding a cosy corner to work from or to catch a quick breather amidst a busy schedule is important. This is where Cardiff's vibrant coffee shop scene comes into play. Each cafe not only offers an enticing selection of coffee and tea but also the perfect ambience for productivity or relaxation.

In this blog post, we're exploring some of the best coffee shops in Cardiff where you can comfortably settle in with your laptop, enjoy a business lunch, or simply soak in the city's lively cafe culture. If you're interested in co-working spaces, you can check our previous post on this topic.

Corner Coffee

At Corner Coffee, the soothing white walls and minimal decor instantly bring peace to a hectic day. It offers both large tables for group discussions and smaller ones for independent contractors and digital nomads.

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*Address: 13 High St, Cardiff CF10 1AX*

Uncommon Ground

Nestled in the Royal Arcade, Uncommon Ground is a go-to spot for a respite from a busy schedule. This place promises great tasting, affordable coffee and a calm environment that isn't too loud or chaotic, making it perfect for individuals seeking tranquillity amidst their work.

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*Address: 10-12 Royal Arcade, St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1AB*

Waterloo Tea

With three locations in the heart of Cardiff, Waterloo Tea offers an extensive tea menu along with fast WiFi access. Even during peak times, the staff are attentive, ensuring a seamless experience for patrons.

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*Address: 5 Waterloo Gardens, Penylan, Cardiff, CF23 5AA*

The Little Man Coffee Company

At Little Man Coffee Company, you can relish unlimited coffee while catching up on work. It also houses The Gallery, where you can satiate your creativity and your appetite with their 30-inch sandwiches.

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*Address: Ivor House, Bridge Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EE*

Milk & Sugar

Milk and Sugar is ideal for brunch, breakfast, or an after-work snack. The cafe is often bustling with energy, but they also offer dedicated remote working periods for those looking to shorten their workdays.

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*Address: 79 Pontcanna St, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9HS


In conclusion, whether you're visiting Cardiff on business or mixing up your work-from-home routine, these coffee shops provide the perfect blend of productivity and pleasure for contractors, digital nomads, students, and professionals. So next time you're looking for a workspace that's not your usual office, a cosy spot to relax and recharge, consider one of these inviting coffee shops in Cardiff.

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